Viewing life curiously.

Just Write.

fountain pen

She’s caught in that vicious web of doubt. The web that seems to spin at its own free will, capturing the creative mind in its binding and paralyzing them for what seems like eternity; until someone or something comes along encouraging them to make a deserving effort, any effort, just try.

Perfection is also a prisoner for the creative mind.  The self imposed idea that any effort of progress must be perfect keeps many from starting, yet alone moving forward.  In the meantime, the less creative are making efforts and progressing, taking constructive criticism and making adjustments along the way.  The next thing you know, the less creative have found backing, sponsors, supporters and are continuing to grow, while the creative is trapped in their own prison of having to be “perfect” before even starting.  Days, weeks, months, a year passes and you’re still bound.

Please write, I said to her.  Write anything.  Just write.  Please.  And make an effort to write something every day.  Know that you will free yourself from the web of doubt and unlock the prison of perfection that has bound you from accomplishing your dreams.

I believe in you.


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