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King-Street-1 BlurredIt was on one of those sweltering hot, humid summer evenings in 1995 that I found myself running late for dinner with friends in downtown Charleston, SC. Once I secured the only parking space I could find, which was several blocks away from the restaurant , I began to run at full pace, as I knew my friends were waiting for my arrival. Three blocks away from my destination, I noticed a glistening green object on the sidewalk just before the curb of the intersection and curiosity made me stop to find out what it was. As I bent down for a closer observation, a speeding car went through the red light and plowed into the front of a vehicle that had the right of way. Stunned by what had occurred, I stood frozen in my tracks and watched as the driver of the vehicle with the right-of-way emerged and rushed to free the driver who was momentarily pinned in the other vehicle. Soon tenants of businesses in the vicinity were on the scene to assist and I could hear the sound of rescue vehicles in route. It was then that I took a moment to realize, if my full pace run had not been impeded by curiosity’s call to examine the glistening object on the sidewalk before me, I would have been struck down by that speeding vehicle, which I found out later was driven by an bacchanalian driver.

I walked the three remaining blocks to my destination and was greeted by my friends who were all curious about the commotion they heard just up the street. As I used one of the table linens to wipe the sweat from my brow, I explained what I witnessed and how I believed my life was spared by my curiosity of that glistening green object.

A couple of months ago, I realized it was time for me to let go of one of my favorite shirts. It was the white shirt I’d worn to dinner that sticky, humid evening in 1995. As I began to remove its buttons, my son asked me why 7 of the 8 buttons were white and only one was…green. Glistening green.




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