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Are You In Tune?

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become.” Steve Jobs

Radio Dial 1200 x 960

Are you tuned in?

Are you listening to the right programming? Your self-programming? You are programmed for success. You are designed for greatness.

Do you talk to yourself? You know, with wireless headsets and Bluetooth technology you can get away with talking to yourself and even answering a whole lot easier nowadays. People aren’t as willing to look at you like you’re crazy. But what if they do? Is that what’s been holding your back from your destiny? Concern about what someone thinks about you? Someone who doesn’t know you, hasn’t taken the time to get to know you, yet you’re allowing them to throttle your ability to encourage yourself? Why are you continuing to give away your power to someone or something that doesn’t deserve it?

Your success begins and ends with you.

Somewhere trapped inside you is that dream, that goal, that desire that you’ve always had…and it’s just aching to get out. You have the key to release it. It’s courage. Conquer fear with the courage within and start becoming all that you’ve dreamed and then some.

It may be that you’re living your dream life. Your measure of success may be quite different from another person’s, but does that mean you are to stop challenging yourself? Set new goals. Keep moving forward. As you do, reflect upon what it was like on your journey to accomplishing your goal and remember to help someone on the road to achieving theirs.


It’s a numbers game. The more you give, the more you receive. The harder your try, the better your chance at succeeding. Give up, only after the goal has been accomplished…and then set another one!

It’s sort of like being in a boxing match. You’ve exercised, eaten the right foods, sparred and trained with the best people in the best gym you’ve had access to, and now you’re ready to get into the ring with your opponent. The bought is scheduled for 10 rounds, and you’re prepared to go 12! Your support team is in your corner, your family and friends are on the front row. You are ready! Your opponent steps into the ring, he’s big. He’s got tremendous muscles. He’s got on the flashy robe and shorts. Even his shoes glow! But none of this matters to you because you’re focused. Your goal is to win. You are prepared. You are ready!

The bell sounds and you meet in the center of the ring. Your opponent throws the first punch, you dodge and throw a couple that land. Things are going your way. You are off to a great start.

Round 1. Round 2. Round 3. Round 4. And even round 5…you are throwing the right jabs and combinations, blocking the right punches, landing body and head shots…your opponent is winded, but you’re still strong! Your manager reminds you to keep your guard up and to conserve your energy because you’re only halfway through the fight.

The bell rings for round six to begin and you rush to the center of the ring, as your opponent moves slowly, and cautiously toward you. You take notice of this and consider it as an opportunity to finish him early, so you attack with a barrage of punches…jabs, upper cuts, body blows…that all seem to land. You’ve got your opponent on the ropes. You continue throwing punches. He’s doing his best to block them. And in your fury, you don’t realize his strategy is to use the ropes to grant him the rest he needs while you wear yourself down. Your manager is shouts from the corner…”Remember the plan. Stick with the strategy!”, but you’re too excited to listen. You’re not hearing what he’s saying. You’ve got your opponent on the ropes. NOW is the time to take him out.

And then it happens.

Boxer On The Mat Without Credit

Out of nowhere, so it seems, your opponent lands an upper cut that sends you to the mat! You’re down. You cannot believe it! Where did that come from! You cannot believe this. You get up immediately. The referee checks you…and you’re cleared to fight. Your opponent comes at you with a barrage of body punches and hooks that you just don’t have the strength to block. Just as you’re trying to figure out where he’s gotten this second wind…he lands a right hook that sends you to the mat…again! But this time, you’re not sure that you can get up.

Your family and friends on the front row are in shock! Your manager is yelling for you to get up! But you’re not hearing them. This time…you’re listening. You’re hearing what your training has taught you. Take the count. Allow yourself time to regroup. You’re down…but you’re not out. Focus.

The referee is over you.


 “I can get up.”


I will get up.”


“I have a plan.”


“My destiny awaits me.”


 “I am deserving.”


“I will succeed.” 


 “I am a winner.”


 “My time is now!”

Before the count reaches ten. Before the bell rings. Take the time to refocus. Regroup. And get back in the fight…to win!

You are whatever you say you are. 

Are you talking to yourself? Are you listening to what you’re saying about yourself? Are you focused? Centered? Dedicated? Determined? Speak great things about yourself…constantly. And begin believing them. You are deserving of your heart’s desires. You have what it takes to achieve your dreams. You have to be willing to take the risk….get in the ring…fight your fight. And win!

Focus forward.




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