Viewing life curiously.

Vinyl Spinner.

Back then we played music recorded on vinyl that would spin at either 45 or 33 RPM (revolutions per minute) on a turntable with a tone arm that housed a delicate stylus.Unwind Vinyl Resurgence We sat alone in a sound proof studio with a microphone, headphones, and a rotary dial telephone displaying four lines whose ring was silently announced by a flashing light.

I was in the final year of my teens, a hungry college sophomore working a 5 hour evening shift barely making minimum wage, and completely mesmerized by the privilege of providing a soundtrack for the storied lives of tuned in listeners who often suggested the mood with a direct call. Many were to me as I was to them, a friendly voice allowing the imagination to create an image of one’s physical appearance, however often upon meeting in person many were surprised by my…height.

Architects of the airwaves building bridges of sound from a blueprint designed by passionately engaged lovers of music.  What young punks we were, with music at the center of it all, as we lost our innocence while forging lifelong friendships and memories. U2The tapestry of my life is highlighted by broad strokes of various genres of music vividly intertwined exhibiting a work worthy of display and critique. One of the premiere colors that continues to permeate the sentience of my life’s vast canvas is the blend of the hallowed, yet humbled, sound of U2. Their distinct composite of alluring melodies and enamored verses have withstood the test of time and continue to chronicle the essence of the space we share.  

Turntables are a rare find in most broadcast studios now, as well as are scrappy youth at the commencement of their career.  The vastness of the Internet has presented opportunities for us to seek connections as never before and articulate feelings that are comprehended through the common language of music…regardless of its origin.



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