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What Would You Do?

Road 2807 x 1958Been down this road before, seeking an opportunity to join a team that is the right fit for me, my shoes are worn, yet I push on.  So many companies claim to be the best, but are they really?  Because if they were the best, I’d certainly be on their team.

It’s not pride or ego.  It is modest arrogance.  My time is valuable.  I have more years behind me than I have in front of me, so investing my time properly by working with a team that’s dedicated to successful accomplishments via excellent time management is essential.  Working beyond 8 hours a day for someone will be because I have acquired employment doing something I love.  8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest, and 8 hours of “play” – family and friends…THAT is the life I deserve and the life I will live.  That’s modest arrogance and I’m quite comfortable with it.

We’ve been told to “think outside the box”. Outside the Box Inside Low Res But who’s box are we to think outside of?  The one they assume we’re constrained by as individuals?  The one that has locked us into thinking in one particular fashion?  So, once we’re “thinking outside the box”, are we then confined by the limitations of the box they have us in by the direction of which we’re instructed to think?

Emily playing guitarI enjoy meeting people who are doing what they love and loving what they do.  Joy exudes from every pore of their body, as they share what it means to “be your own boss” doing a job that doesn’t seem like work because it’s an extension of who they are.

What would you do if someone paid you to do whatever you wanted to do for the rest of your life?  As you think about that answer, let me add, isn’t that what you should be doing right now.

Focus forward.









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