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Can TV Get More Ghetto Than This?

On my way to the Food Channel, I happened by VH-1 and stopped, because I could not believe what I was seeing unfold before a studio and broadcast audience.  The show Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta was having a reunion and the entire cast was in an all-out-brawl!  Fists were flying, weaves were being yanked, profanities were being shouted, the set was being destroyed, security was being overpowered, and the audience was being…entertained?Love and Hip-Hop Ghetto Fuckers

Is THIS what entertainment has become?  Is this the new reality?  I was completely appalled and totally embarrassed by the actions of these people.  Yet, I stayed glued to the channel!  And believe you me, it wasn’t for entertainment quality, but only because I wanted to find out why these people were acting-the-fool on TV. 

After doing a quick dig for information about the show, I discovered Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta made it’s debut in 2012 recording the lives of several women who are tied to Hip-hop, and it’s now in it’s 4th season.  The show is one of VH-1’s highest rated programs and is the #1 cable show with 18-49 year-old adults, women 18-49, and women 18-34.  Seriously.  Estimates show that 5.1 million people watch this show regularly.  

Clowns to the left.  Jokers to the right.  Tomfoolery abound!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?  Does this behavior deserve respect;  adults using vulgar language and fighting – actually throwing punches, men and women – on television?  So, if it’s on TV does that mean it’s to be expected and accepted in and by the public?  Love and Hip-Hop Cast

The entire cast of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta is black.  Their vernacular is laced with vulgarities, words that if spoken about them by any other race would be considered racist.   Double standard?  

Just add this show to the countless number of negative imgages on social media streams – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – of “blacks acting badly”  

 This show is not representative of all black people or all hip-hop.  

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta is just like the accident on the highway that has stalled traffic because people are rubbernecking to see it – so let this serve as a warning, when you finally arrive at the scene just keep your eyes focused straight ahead and keep driving.  There is nothing to see here.  Move along, move along.  There is absolutely nothing to see.





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