Viewing life curiously.

i am Calvin.


i am my mother’s child and my father’s only son.

although they consider me “the odd one out”, I love my family.

my mother is my hero.

i love and am loyal to my friends. i am quite pleased to make your acquaintance.

the sound of leaves rustling reminds me that God is near. i believe there is one God and that He believes in us. i have seen His miracles and felt His touch.

i love trees and it hurts my spirit to see them getting cut down for the sake of “progress”.

i am amazed by the simplest things in life. for example, aluminum foil can withstand the heat of a 450 degree oven and, using my unprotected hands, i can reach in and take it out without getting burned.

while educational, i’m still at odds with zoos and aquariums…most of the animals look pissed.

i believe being President of the United States is one of the toughest jobs in the world.

i believe you can support the troops and not support the war.

i believe my vote counts and so does yours.

i agree to disagree…with understanding. compromise is part of every great solution.

i aspire to inspire.

growing up, my nickname was “Dizzy”. it came accompanied with a “Dizzy Dance” which i only do once you’ve earned my trust. i love to dance! it’s a way of expressing my innermost being.

my emotions are guarded by a protective layer of caution.

i think drunk girls are funny! yes, i will be your designated driver…you don’t even have to ask.

i love cup cakes and think they are an individual party meant for sharing with someone special.

i believe spontaneity is the spice of life.

i consider myself a good listener.

i love to laugh, although i don’t do it enough. 92.5% of the time i’m happy. the other 7.5%, i’m trying to figure out how to get there.

i love music! It caresses my soul. i enjoy singing. ‘Christine, Christine! What do you mean? You touched my soul, the one no one else has seen.”

i enjoy reading out loud to someone special. i try to read and finish a book in 8 days. i highlight and look-up words that i don’t know. i try to learn a new word every day.

i believe time is much more valuable than money.

i usually arrive early and stay late…because i don’t want you to worry or have to wait.

i believe in love. i believe in falling in love. i believe love is self-less.

i enjoy movies.

i can touch my toes without bending my knees.

i enjoy driving…in a convertible…in the summer…after 6:45PM.

i can be quiet.


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