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Little Pink Houses For You And Me.

I live in a country that says it has the most powerful military in the world, yet it has trouble defeating a bunch of rag-tag Middle Eastern rebel “terrorist” who are armed with war machinery and gunnery that pales by light years to my country’s.

Flag eyelet

I live in a country that claims to be the leader in medicine, yet the nation’s Center for Disease Control has known of an impending worldwide epidemic, Ebola, since 1976 and it hasn’t lead the way in developing a serum or easy-to-apply protective garments for health care workers. Nor has this department of world leading researchers figured out a way to stop a mysterious virus that has effected the lives of children in 46 states – killing at least 6 children thus far.

I scratch my head in wonder of how this country I live in has a government that is “supposedly” elected to represent its people, yet it fails to truly hear the voices of the people, as the ears of those elected are trained on the shouts of lobbyist making purchases of legislature on behalf of corporations – that are, according to the Supreme Court, people too. However I have yet to see any corporation handcuffed and sent to jail for breaking the law.

wethepeopleWe-the-people just keep standing in our neutral corners yelling across the ring at each other – about political, religious, and racial issues – as opposed to meeting in the center of the ring to touch gloves and unite to beat the hell out of a government that has and continues to bamboozle us with propaganda and poor representation.

Ha! Go ahead, pick this apart. Decide which angle you’re going to take to attack me, and while you do, I’m gonna tell ya this – I don’t care what religion, race, or political group you claim, we-the-people of these United States of America are in deep trouble and nothing, I mean absolutely NOTHING is going to change until we realize that our likeness is the fact that we are different and migrating towards those differences allows us to learn about each other and grow stronger together with an understanding that we have got to do something to right this ship…because it is way off course.



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